National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) – National Think Tank at NDMA

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to get acknowledged as “DM Certified Professional” and connect with diverse DM HR from academia and industry.
  • Chance to research amongst leading cohort of national and international researchers and supervisors.
  • Opportunity to work at a dedicated research desk at NIDM and NEOC (National Emergencies Operations Centre).
  • Chance to participate in National and International DM related events (trainings, conferences, seminars, symposia, Simulation Exercises etc.).
  • Free of cost access to NDMA plans / maps / documents, NIDM Journals.
  • DM Library and latest research material from top ranked researched journals and NIDM Research Repository.
  • Fast track acquisition of precise data from all relevant major disaster management stakeholders.
  • Access to high-end DM technologies and Services for research purposes.
  • Possibility of Research Support from NIDM including Stipend / Funding on case to case bases.
  • Opportunity to contribute to shaping national policies and strategies for disaster management.
  • Access to a diverse network of experts, stakeholders, and partners in the field of disaster management.
  • Ability to influence decision-making processes and contribute to improving disaster preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and engage with Academia, Industry, Responders, Volunteers, Practitioners, Technology experts, and Humanitarian partners.
  • Access to training and capacity-building programs and Self-Paced Courses to enhance skills and knowledge in disaster management.
  • Platform for professional growth and advancement in the field of disaster management.

NDMA manage complete spectrum of disasters by adopting a disaster risk reduction perspective in development planning at all levels, and through enhancing institutional capacities for disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

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