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Universities Collaboration

NIDM is mandated to create international and intra-zonal connectivity linkages through following method:

  • All member universities/institutes will nominate team of 10x senior academics and practitioners who would act as NIDM Interface.
  • All Interface groups would be requested for:
    1. Connecting with local area adjacent to their geographic locations to develop needs matrix and gaps analysis.
    2. NIDM zones have been planned for easy coordination/reference, based on geographic area similarities and common challenges.
    3. NIDM interface to develop research themes (after precise identification/gap analyses) in local responses/policies framework; and send to NIDM Secretariat, along with execution/conduct plan, timelines, intended outcome and resource requirements.
    4. NIDM would collate all recommendations through filtration, validation and evaluation, and will develop projects with global partners for support and knowledge, access to our universities; i.e.; UN organizations, international development partners and lead international universities.
    5. Value addition in our Universities’ ongoing linked initiatives, adding local area representation, NGOs, UN teams, industry, provincial DM offices, etc. will be achieved. Workable action plans for particular disaster/phase and regulations would be shared for consideration and adoption.
    6. Acknowledgment of project team would be ensured, besides future growth and add on opportunities.
    7. Patent clause would be secured, where required.
    8. Maintain constant liaison with NIDM secretariat at NDMA, for consistent follow up.

NDMA manage complete spectrum of disasters by adopting a disaster risk reduction perspective in development planning at all levels, and through enhancing institutional capacities for disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

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